Consulting services

Project management

We completed full scale projects on Brown and green field sites and our services include:

  • Project specification & contract management
  • Front end engineering design, Conceptual design studies, Preliminary and definitive Feasibility studies, business evaluations


Engineering management

Our engineers have been at the forefront industrial processing plants and completed detailed designs and executions in

  • Process engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Instrumentation/Automation engineering


Construction management

We provide skilled professional staff in every discipline required on capital projects.


Business advice

We conduct local and international market research and analysis to help companies make smarter, more accountable decisions and improve their return on their investment.

  • Due diligence for acquisitions
  • Financial analysis and advice
  • Technical evaluations
  • Market research studies



Specialist services

Our recent assignments include the following:

  • Market research studies
  • Technical due diligence for business acquisition
  • Business analysis for entrepreneurs
  • Independent technical reviews


Waste recycling

We are established in Africa with a firm footprint in the following product range whilst investigating possible production facilities in the right markets:

  • Shredded tyres
  • Carbon black
  • Oil from pyrolysis
  • Spent Aluminium potliners
  • Coal palletizing
  • Biomass power plants


Facilitation Management

Due to our vast network of international resources we offer facilitation management services to clients in need of commodity trading and procurement services as shown below:

  • Commodity trading
  • Shredded tyres
  • Petcoke
  • Pumice
  • Coal
  • Lime
  • Gypsum


Procurement services

We facilitate procurement functions by using our international network of resources to assist clients where products, plant or equipment are in need of verification:

  • technical inspections
  • quality verifications and expediting services
  • product evaluations
  • logistics management
  • expediting


Products on offer from Associated companies

Our associate companies form part our strategic strength and together we offer these products in a very cost-effective way. We are proud to be associated with these quality products that are highly recommended:

  • Mini subs & distribution transformers
  • Standby power gensets & Solar systems
  • PPE
  • Oil purification (plant and service)
  • XCT Boiler cleaning (service)



We are proud to announce in-house expertise developed for cement kiln optimization processes and this forms part of our technologies on offer such as:

  • Petcoke, + (additive)
  • Shredded tyres (TDF) as Alternative Fuel
  • Carbon black extraction